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Grey Click has specialized in Equestrian, Ranching and Small Farm Website Design to bring the best in design at affordable prices to the our communities. We are passionate about making sure each of our clients' businesses are represented in a professional manner that reflects their values.

While any web designer can make a beautiful site, only a designer that knows your business and your clients can design a site that really works for you. We know the terminology and technology of your field - and that helps us highlight your company's best attributes.

If you are needing help with your website, feel free to contact Grey Click anytime for advice or assistance. While we can't do work or coding without payment, we can often get you steered well enough in the right direction to fix your problem.

Thank you for visiting us, and have a great day!

Recent Projects

Grey Click is currently working on a farm web page for a small farm, that is working on heritage chickens, vegetables and fruits, along with a more sustainable way of living. The site will be directed to both customers looking for wholesome fruit, veggies and meats, and to other modern homesteaders looking for helpful tips and tricks on how to live more sustainably.


We have a few specials from time to time, just to let our fellow group members know we\'re thinking of them. These usually coincide with a happy event relating to that membership, but may pop up again from time to time throughout the year.

BackYard Chicken Members

So you've got your coop, and you've got your beautiful birds, but those free template sites just don't cut it when it comes to your chickies! We have a promotional ad on our BYC page, to offer $50 off any web design related to chickens when you give your BYC member name at the time of contact. This may include $50 off a custom WordPress Theme, where you can update your site yourself just as you would with any other blogging software!
Happy Event: Our first generation of homebred chicks are in the coop!!!
Deactive: 08-30-11.